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This document aims to inform the reader of the respiratory hazards of crystalline silica and to propose two new protective standards, one for general industry and maritime, and the other for construction. The fact sheet explains the routes of exposure and the negative effects of crystalline silica on respiratory health. The chief end of this document is to present the necessary means for employers to tailor their work environment protect their employees.

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This OSHA special bulletin defines and provides health hazard information on Fluorocarbon 113 which is generally used as a refrigerant, a dry cleaning solvent and an intermediate. After recording several instances of sudden death to to cardiac arrhythmia in the presence of Florocarbon 113, this document provides the necessary information for employers and administrators to implement for their workers' protection.

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OSHA developed standards and methods for employers to protect their workers from asbestos exposure. This document details the dangers of asbestos to workers and includes the saftey requirements employers must adopt for their protection. The circumstances that this document covers include: removing asbestos-containing material, demolishing or salvaging asbestos-containing structures, installing asbestos-containing products, cleaning up asbestos spills, and handling asbestos materials on a construction site.