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In response to there being no laws in place to protect the citizens of NH from mold and poor indoor air quality, a group of New Hampshire Legislators, business leaders, and heath administrators wrote this standard for NH citizens as a guide for the NH Mold Industry. The goal of this Standard of Care is to provide information to the citizens of NH not only about the causes of indoor mold, the possible health risks, and prevention measures, but also about the Mold Industry in general, including best practices and tips for hiring consultants and contractors .

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Contaminated drywall imported from China has been found to emit sulfide vapors, impacting the air quality in tens of thousands of homes as well as in larger buildings. In this White Paper, AIHA summarizes the available science and identifies critical gaps in the current understanding of the problem that must be addressed. This report covers the means of recognizing the markers of corrosive dry wall (CDW) as well as the necessary information for remediation.

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This informational OSHA document informs the reader of the natural causes of mold growth as well as the health and structural hazards mold can cause when it presents itself in an environment. The bulletin provides warning signs to recognize mold growth and details various methods of mold prevention and cleanup.